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  • Welcome to our Carnivore / Ketovore / Keto Online Community!

    Welcome to Carnivore Talk! An online community of people who have discovered the benefits of an carnviore-centric ketogenic diet with the goal of losing weight, optimizing their health, and supporting and encouraging one another. We warmly welcome you! [Read More]

  • Whatever happened to LowCarbFriends.com?

    Do you remember this?...



    Perhaps YOU were one of the thousands upon thousands of people who used to visit the Low Carb Friends forum community and it's message boards on a regular basis. For many of us, this was our support group to help keep us accountable on our weight loss journey, as well as the go-to hub for discovering and sharing fantastic low carb and keto recipes with one another. When we needed a new idea or some simple encouragement, or was excited and wanted to share a personal victory, lowcarbfriends.com was the community that we turned to.

    The man who founded the Low Carb Friends website and community passed away. For several years, another family member(s) worked to keep the forum alive. Sadly, in the middle of 2018, those in charge decided to close down the site, to the surprise of the close-knit community of active posters. They were devastated. Not only did they shut down the message boards, but the entire recipe database was removed as well.

    Where do we go now?

    Sadly, the community sort of scattered after the closing of LowCarbFriends.com and it's forum. Many ketogenic dieters just ended up settling for Facebook groups, which simply don't measure up to web based forum communities. Other migrated to other low carber forums or ketogenic forums, but the vibe was never the same as it was over at Low Carb Friends. Some of these forums are managed by the makers of various low carb, diet, and weight loss mobile apps. The current largest community has stopped accepting new registrations, which is concerning, as it may signal that they are headed for the same fate as Low Carb Friends.

    The low carb community has grown over the years, and various adaptations of low carb dieting have become very popular. We have the Atkin's Diet, Low Carb, Keto, Ketovore, Carnivore, Animal-based, Paleo, and so much more. Many individuals tend to be very zealous about their diet choices, and we understand how one can get excited when they see results in the form of weight loss, the lowering of high blood pressure, and the reversal of chronic disease such as diabetes.

    One reason why Low Carb Friends was so popular was because it accepted with open arms anybody who was trying to improve their health and lose weight regardless of what style of low carb diet they were pursuing, whether it was very strict or maybe not so much. CarnivoreTalk.com desires to recreate that friendly atmosphere, and we want to welcome you to join our fledgling community. Together we can rebuild what was lost and you can help shape the future of this community bu your participation, informative articles, recipes, and more!


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