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    What is Carnivore Talk - The Animal-based Keto Community?

    CarnivoreTalk is an online keto diet forum community that aims to serve individuals who are following or interested in any of the four main low carbohydrate diets, namely Low Carb (also known as Dirty Keto), Keto, Ketovore, and Carnivore. It is our mission to provide a safe and enjoyable environment where health-conscious individuals can enjoy the following benefits.

    Support and Encouragement: Following a specific diet can be challenging, and having a community of like-minded individuals can provide valuable emotional support, encouragement, and motivation. Members can share their experiences, successes, challenges, and tips for overcoming obstacles.

    Information Sharing: Diet forums serve as platforms for sharing information, research, and resources related to their specific diet, whether that's a Carnivore, Ketovore, True Keto, or Low Carb diet. Members can discuss the science behind their low carbohydrate or animal-based diet, its potential benefits, and the practical aspects of following it effectively.

    Recipe and Meal Ideas: Members can exchange recipes, meal plans, and cooking tips that are tailored to the particular animal-based, low carb, or ketogenic diet. This helps individuals diversify their meals, maintain variety, and discover new ways to prepare nutritious keto-friendly foods.

    Problem Solving: Many people encounter unique challenges when starting or maintaining a diet. Forum communities allow members to seek advice and solutions from others who have faced similar issues, such as dealing with keto flu, managing cravings, or navigating social situations.

    Accountability: Sharing progress and goals within a supportive community can enhance accountability. Members can set goals, track their journey, and receive feedback from others, which can help them stay committed to their dietary choices.

    Education: Forums often have experienced members who are knowledgeable about the a Carnivore, Keto, or Low Carb diet. Newcomers can ask questions, seek clarifications, and learn from those who have been following the diet for a longer time.

    Personal Experiences: Reading about the experiences of others can help individuals gauge what to expect when starting their diet, which can be particularly reassuring for beginners.

    Networking: Diet forums offer the opportunity to connect with people from diverse backgrounds who share a common interest in the diet. This can foster new friendships, connections, and even local meetups or events. Keto and Carnivore dieters tend to develop close bonds with one another.

    Research and Debate: Members can engage in discussions about the latest research, trends, controversies, and potential modifications of their diet. This encourages critical thinking and informed decision-making.

    Community Building: Over time, online forums can foster a sense of belonging within a community. Members may establish connections that extend beyond dietary discussions, creating a supportive environment where individuals can share various aspects of their lives.

    Making Friends: Many of us have been involved in other forums over the years, and made life long friends and have even met in real life. 

    It's important to note that while online diet forums can be valuable resources, the information shared does not constitute medical advice. Even if a member is a doctor, nutritionist, or health coach, you should always consult with YOUR healthcare professionals or registered dietitians before making significant changes to your diet, especially if you have underlying health conditions.

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  • Welcome to our Carnivore / Ketovore / Keto Online Community!

    Welcome to Carnivore Talk! An online community of people who have discovered the benefits of an carnviore-centric ketogenic diet with the goal of losing weight, optimizing their health, and supporting and encouraging one another. We warmly welcome you! [Read More]

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    • I also ate a large chunk of beef fat this morning. 
    • Namaste.  Starting my fourth carnivore month today. So pleased. Thank you to everyone in this community for your support, hearing me and being a place of accountability.  Yesterday I did eat butter in the evening. The picture of the steak that I posted was bought from a restaurant and cooked in it.  I went to the same restaurant today and had a rib cap also cooked in butter. I had a lot of crispy, yummy bacon too.  My plan is to only eat ruminant meat for the next month.  Nourish and flourish!
    • This is true even today. All beef when processed is hung for a specific amount of time to start the dry aging process. If you are having a beeve custom processed you can request any time you want for the carcass to hang. Then, many people will continue to dry age their steaks at home before cooking them. I will often salt and dry age my steaks for up to a week. My beeves hang for a minimum of 7 days. The difference between dry aging and what they were doing in the early days of the Industrial revolution is with dry aging it’s done under refrigeration and the other was just meat going rotten and putrid. Both are a form of decomp but one under controlled conditions and the other is just the meat going rancid. Big difference. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
    • There's drinks and mixes you can purchase. But one could turn to supplements, magnesium, potassium, and increase the use of table salt, imo iodized salt. Make these changes in increments. @Scott worded it perfectly. Tweak your intake, bit by bit. 
    • Maybe something interesting to consider: Aged meat is prized. It is meat which has been allowed time to decay. The decay is what makes it so tender. It is carrion. Somewhere along the line some people made a discovery. Maybe there was desperation involved. Maybe ignorance. Maybe the environment was generally so unsanitary there was not enough striking contrast to call attention to the rotten condition of what people were willing to eat. I remember back in the early 60's they would show these films of how life would be after a disaster and even a nuclear bomb drop. They advised to just trim off the outer layer of a cut of roast before cooking and eating it. I used to know someone who was really good at telling long stories. He would kind of take a scenic route in the form of step by step looking at a word and its definition and then another which that one lead to weaving and looping around ultimately coming to a place you had no anticipation of getting to. I found myself doing this with food, nutritious, optimal, carrion so forth. Food which provides the most nutrition with the least negative consequences is a mouthful to say. But "food" here among a group with a common ground probably should be enough. I am just too new and have not fully considered how it changes the meaning of common words. One time I was vacationing in a hospital after major surgery and a drill sergeant of a nurse insisted that I eat the protein they served so I could heal. I had passed it over because it was more spicy than I ever ate and it also was buried under cheese. They had been feeding me laxatives hoping for the ever so important movement which was a green light to get from ICU to a regular ward. She was part of the reason I was ultimately released a whole week later without that movement. In more ways than one "food" is an ever-moving target depending on circumstances.
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