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    • Chuck steak and four eggs with extra butter. And a couple cups of green tea afterwards.  I was thinking, I remember thinking that green tea was the most tasteless tea there was and why would anyone drink that stuff. Since drinking it for the last few months, I actually look forward to it. 
    • I'm eating one meal a day most of the month. On nights, I eat about 7:30 after the shift starts each night and when I'm off it is about 6PM, but once per day. When I'm on days I eat a small breakfast, maybe a couple hard boiled eggs and that gets me thru the day and then eat at 6PM. I've watched some videos and read some literature on people with the same auto-immune condition I have and several of them spoke highly on the benefit of fasting. A few mentioned their actual diet being carnivore. The weight loss is great, the not taking pain/inflammation medicine is even better but I am reading about people no longer needing their infusions with MS as well as NMOSD. Some strictly carnivore and others with a combination of a no-carb/low carb diets with fasting from as much as 24 hours to five day water fasts.  Since I'm not actually getting hungry at 24-hour intervals I have been thinking about stretching it out to 48 to see where I land.   Thoughts? Experiences? Scott
    • Made the 3.0 mile walk the last two days. This morning was a bit rough coming off my 12-hour night shift but not the end of the world. Tomorrow morning, I plan to get the lift in and then do he walk.  I always have big plans on the forty-minute ride home but not often do they come to fruition. LOL Scott
    • Chicken fried venison and eggs today. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
    • It’s possible that the meats were cooked in seed oils. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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