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    • Welcome. Veteran here as well. 
    • 1. Fiber - Not needed, however, it won't hurt you to get small amounts in case, I do it myself, about 5 to 8 grams a day.  2. Probiotics/Prebiotics - I take probiotics.  3. Butyrate/Butyric acid - Not worried about this one at all.  4. BHB Ketones supplement - Not for me. Go gently into keto by going low carb first.  5. Methylsulfonylmethane - Again, a no from me.  6. Glucosamine - Also not taking this.  7. Collagen - Bone broth will suffice, skin off chicken, bone in pork chops, etc will get you plenty.  8. Glycine - I am not worried about this one. 9. Q10 - Also not concerned about this one.  10. Minerals - I may here and there supplement on minerals.  11. Omega 3s - I do supplement on this with fish oil. I consider this supplement one of the big ones.  12. Vitamin A - Nope. 13. Vitamin B (group) - Nope.  14. Vitamin C - I take a supplement about 3 times a week. Can't hurt.  15. Vitamin D (+ K) - I supplement both, D every day, vitamin K 3 times a week.  16. Vitamin E - Not concerned about vitamin E 17. https://health.selfdecode.com/blog/carnivore-diet/ What you think about this?  18. Geranylgeraniol - Don't know either. I concentrate on sodium, potassium and magnesium, everyday. The three big ones for me. I also supp with calcium. But that's pretty much it. I adjust as I go.  Hope this helps somewhat.
    • Pure carnivore is of course, ideal. But we strive for perfection, then we increase our chances to fail. We are on a diet, after all. We already said goodbye to refined sugars, processed foods, junk food, seed oils, etc. So if a coconut, an avocado, or some berries help maintain this carnivore journey, then so be it. We've then already avoided many toxins, carbs, and oxalates. Not everyone tolerates red meat, for example, some do worse on pork. It's a question of fine tuning this great diet as best as we can to our own benefit and needs.  
    • This is for Bob and I hope he finds it. I'm still very much learning my way around this site, not sure yet exactly how to reply to a post. Tongue is very easy to cook, Bob. Large pot, add tongue, bring to a boil and then simmer until tender. It varies with each one you cook, but it takes a few hours. Once it's tender, remove it to the sink and skin it. Just peel off the outer part of the tongue and let yours dogs or cats have it. (Mine love it). Your meat is then ready to slice and eat. The base of the tongue is the fattest and best part, but all of it is delicious. Enjoy!
    • So my wife went out with some friends yesterday for dinner (girl's night) and I only had to cook for myself. I went to this meat shop and picked up some items. While I was there, I saw a 3/4 pack of genuine gyro loaf. I LOVE gyros, and still had some tsatsiki sauce (basically yoghurt) to use up before it spoiled as well as some Egg Life wraps, so I figured I would treat myself.  Now mind you, genuine gyro loaf is a mixture of beef, lamb, bread crumbs, and spices - so this technically breaks my vow to never eat grains again.  Yesterday when I woke up, I was about 175. This morning I was 177. It's unbelievable how grain-sensitive I am.  I don't know how much grain or how many carbs were in it. But I had a pound of food. I could have had a pound of NY Strip and wouldn't have gained anything. I had been strict carnivore, almost lion diet, for the previous 3 weeks.
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