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    • I am now 100 days in a Strick Carnivore diet(I only eat meats and eggs. Nothing more) I started the Carnivore diet to improve my body composition. I was a healthy guy with no chronic illness or healthy problems. I lost about 15 lbs in the first 6 weeks (Mostly water) but since then I haven't been able to change my body composition. I have now gone more than 6 weeks without registering any body changes (weight loss, decrease in BF% or measurements) I still need to lose at least another 15lbs of fat to reach my goal of being below 15%BF. However, I don't see how the Carnivora Diet will facilitate this process. I have not experienced most of the benefits common to Carnivores (Improved sleep, more energy/disposition, etc.) nor can I change my body composition. So I would like to ask more experienced Carnivores: 1- How long should I extend my experience with the Carnviroa diet to be able to lose the excess weight I still have? 2- What is the minimum time you should maintain a Carnivora diet when it is not working for you? Thank you for your attention Good luck to everyone    
    • Besides loing some weigth i have not experience most of the Carnivore diet benefits. However, i was healthy when i started the Carnivore diet. I guess it doest work for healty people or some people were not meant to eat only meat
    • No. i have been training now for more than 3 years. Now experienced lifter will increase muscle mass while losing fat
    • Welcome. Veteran here as well. 
    • 1. Fiber - Not needed, however, it won't hurt you to get small amounts in case, I do it myself, about 5 to 8 grams a day.  2. Probiotics/Prebiotics - I take probiotics.  3. Butyrate/Butyric acid - Not worried about this one at all.  4. BHB Ketones supplement - Not for me. Go gently into keto by going low carb first.  5. Methylsulfonylmethane - Again, a no from me.  6. Glucosamine - Also not taking this.  7. Collagen - Bone broth will suffice, skin off chicken, bone in pork chops, etc will get you plenty.  8. Glycine - I am not worried about this one. 9. Q10 - Also not concerned about this one.  10. Minerals - I may here and there supplement on minerals.  11. Omega 3s - I do supplement on this with fish oil. I consider this supplement one of the big ones.  12. Vitamin A - Nope. 13. Vitamin B (group) - Nope.  14. Vitamin C - I take a supplement about 3 times a week. Can't hurt.  15. Vitamin D (+ K) - I supplement both, D every day, vitamin K 3 times a week.  16. Vitamin E - Not concerned about vitamin E 17. https://health.selfdecode.com/blog/carnivore-diet/ What you think about this?  18. Geranylgeraniol - Don't know either. I concentrate on sodium, potassium and magnesium, everyday. The three big ones for me. I also supp with calcium. But that's pretty much it. I adjust as I go.  Hope this helps somewhat.
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