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Hi, I have been on the carnivore diet for four weeks. I’m not overweight I’m 6’1”185. 66 years old. Mainly trying the carnivore diet for health reasons. My question is on dairy, how much dairy is acceptable? Primarily what I would eat is cheese and yogurt.

thank you

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What is the purpose of your carnivore diet? This might help you decide.

For me, it was to lose 50-60 pounds. Therefore, I wanted my carnivore diet to be as low as possible in carbohydrates. Others have auto-immune conditions or other issues that they are hoping being in regular or frequent ketosis will help heal or alleviate. Others go strict carnivore, even Lion Diet, as an elimination diet so that in a few weeks they can start adding back in foods to see what their body can handle and what gives them inflammation or a negative reaction.

Most cheeses are 0 or trace carbs. I have been eating cheese on my carnivore diet.

A single cup of plain whole milk yogurt contains approximately 11.4 grams of carbohydrates from the lactose (milk sugar), making it a good low-carb snack option. If weight loss and reversing disease is not your goal, and you're only eating carnivore because it's nutrient dense, then you might not have to pay much attention to your carb intake, even if it's from animal sources.

You can read more about 'The Various Types of Carnivore Diets' here...



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