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  • Welcome to our Carnivore / Ketovore / Keto Online Community!

    Welcome to Carnivore Talk! An online community of people who have discovered the benefits of an carnviore-centric ketogenic diet with the goal of losing weight, optimizing their health, and supporting and encouraging one another. We warmly welcome you! [Read More]

The Carnivore Keto Community

CarnivoreTalk.com is an online community of people focused on an animal-based ketogenic lifestyle.


  1. Carnivore, Meat-based Keto, & Ketovore Support

    True Keto is meat and low carb veggies, with a view to eating only 20 carbs.
    Ketovore is meat and occasional veggies, aiming to stay under 10 carbs.
    Carnivore is only animal products, even if this might mean zero carbs.

  2. Keto, Carnivore, & Animal-Based Recipes

    Share and exchange your favorite keto carnivore recipes that make for great animal-based, low-carb meals.

  3. General Health and Wellness Discussion

    Discuss other health topics that aren't necessarily about keto-carnivore, such as exercise, supplements, general wellness, labs, and more.

  4. Diet News, Medical Research, & Health Reports

    Discuss low carb, keto, carnivore, and other diet and nutrition related news articles or videos, how it will affect you, and whether or not you agree with it.

  5. Everyday Chit Chat & Off-topic Discussion

    What's on your mind? Feel free to talk about any topic you want.

  6. Site News, Suggestions, & Support

    Site news and community announcements. Post your feedback and suggestions. Get assistance with the software or your account.

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