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Carnivore Talk Credits - What Are They? How to Earn them...

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Carnivore Talk Credits

How to Earn Credits

  • Start a Topic: Earn 10 credits for starting a new discussion.
  • Your topic content matters! Engaging topics will mean more credits as you earn 1 credit for each reply.
  • Post a Reply: For every post you make in an existing topic, you'll earn 4 credits.
  • Your Replies matter! Earn an extra credits for every positive reputation you receive.
  • Status Updates: Post a status update and earn 3 credits. Reply to a status update and earn 1 credit.
  • Calendar, Gallery, and Downloads: Earn 2 credits for each upload. Leave comments and reviews to earn 1 credits each.
  • Refer a Friend: Earn 50 credits when someone registers and enters your username as their referrer.
  • Join the Community: New registrants start off with bonus credits already in their account.
  • Daily Attendance Bonus: Just by logging into Carnivore Talk daily, you receive a bonus of 1 credit. We appreciate your visits!

Spending Your Credits

Visit the  Members Shop  using the Rewards link in the menu. You can gamble your credits to earn more credits, spend them on community related features, enter raffles, contest, and giveaways, or spend them on gift cards or products. Certain Shop items have limited stock.

Check the store from time to time as new items will be added to the Shop.

Maximize Your Earnings

Make it a routine to visit Carnivore Talk daily to earn your credit for just showing up. Then, be an active tribe member. Participate in the community by engaging in deep, meaningful conversations.



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