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In the Members Rewards section you will see a new item called a "Raffle Ticket". Starting with the month of October and continuing into November and December, members can spend their Credits for an entry into the monthly raffle. You can enter into the Raffle multiple times.

When you purchase any item in Members Rewards, you are given 2 options, Buy & Redeem Now and also Buy & Store for Later. You have to Redeem the Raffle Ticket to be entered into the current drawing. You can optionally Save the Raffle Ticket for later if you would prefer to use the ticket in next month's drawing. Stored Items can be found in the My Items section of the Members Rewards area.

Items for the giveaway as well as winners will be announced in this topic.

Note: If you live outside of the U.S. and Canada, your prize may be substituted with a another item of it's comparable value in using U.S. currency. Comparable values will be determined using common online retailers.


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October's Giveaway - 2023

Win your choice of ....

CarnivoreDietShawnBaker.jpg OR CarnivoreCodePaulSaladino.jpg OR  amazonGiftCard.jpg



Books are available in paperback or on Amazon Kindle. Amazon Gift Card valued at $20. You can enter the drawing more than one time by obtaining a Raffle Ticket in the Member Rewards Shop and Redeeming it in October. Raffle Tickets are 50 credits each. Learn more about the Members Shop, Raffles and Giveaways, and how to earn Credits in the Site News & Feedback section.

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  • Bob changed the title to This Month's Giveaway

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