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Short Ribs & Pan Glazed Juices


Pressure cooker (maybe an Insta Pot? I have no experience with them)

Pork Short Ribs 



Salt (optional)


1. Cut short ribs into 2 inch x 2-3 inch chunks. 

2. For a large pressure cooker melt 1-2 Tablespoons Ghee on medium heat

3. Brown the short rib pieces an at least two sides. Also the edges of large enough. Browning provides flavor and color to the sauce so do not waste this opportunity. Monitor your heat to avoid burning. 

4. Once the meat has been browned add 1-2 cups water and deglaze the pan drippings. flip/stir the meat coat it with pan juices. Pay careful attention to the amount of liquid. 

TIP: With a pressure cooker you dramatically change flavor and consistency when you surpass a percentage of liquid. Even if your target is soup you should pressure cook under the threshold of liquid. Then after to pressure cooking stage add liquid to arrrive at the desired consistency. I cook at lower temperature longer to get away with using less liquid so you avoid running out and burning the drippings before the cooking stage has completed. You do not want more than 3/4 of an inch of liquid when beginning the pressure cooking stage.

5. If you are going to add any salt only sprinkle a small amount over the meat at this stage. It helps bring out flavor during the cooking stage.  You would sprinkle salt once cooked. It is not necessary unless you palette is accustomed to salted food. There will be plenty of flavor without it if you are careful to avoid burnig or using too much liquid.

6. Reduce heat to medium low and seal the pressure cooker. 

7. On medium low bring up the pressure on medium low heat. Once you hear the steam escaping indicating the pressure has built up*  continue to pressure cook 40-50 minutes. Keep your ears open for signs that there is sufficient moisture inside. If the steam release stops or diminishes it is a sign all the liquid has evaporated. It is okay to remove the pot from the heat source and to prepare to release the lid so you can add a little more liquid or check it if not certain. The resume pressure cooking for the remaining time. Also even though I am warning you please don't make the mistake of adding too much liquid. Instead cook carefully with less liquid. This will insure the greatest flavor. Once the pressure is up I reduce the heat so it is just enough to keep the pressurize steam noice going. 

8. When the time is up slowly release the pressure allowing the lid to be removed. Do not rush this step. Allow 10 minutes. It is part of the process resulting in tender flavorful results.

9. Once lid is off stir the contents. If there is drippings stuck to the pan add about 1/2 cup of water and deglaze. If there is nothing to deglaze add just enough water so you have a sauce of juices to coat the meat.


This pressure cooking process apples to everything whether it is just meat with deglazed pan juices, stew or soup. Whatever the end result is to be, cook with less liquid than add liquid after the pressure cooking stage for the desired consistency.

* (This applies when using a pressure cooker. I have no idea what the indicator is if using an Insta Pot)

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