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Can MS symptoms be helped thru carnivore diet

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8 hours ago, Janet said:

One of my clients has MS. He is considering going to MEXICO for some procedure not approved here. Are there any cases studies about MS and carnivore. 

Hi Janet! Welcome aboard.

I found a couple studies that show benefits of a Ketogenic Diet in people with MS. A Carnivore Diet would definitely apply here because a Carnivore Diet is essentially the ultimate Keto diet. Here are some excerpts and links you may find interesting...

Study #1: Pilot study of a ketogenic diet in relapsing-remitting MS says:

"[Ketogenic Diet] is safe, feasible to study, and well tolerated in subjects with relapsing [Multiple Sclerosis]. [Ketogenic Diet] improves fatigue and depression while also promoting weight loss and reducing serologic proinflammatory adipokines."

Study #2: Phase II study of ketogenic diets in relapsing multiple sclerosis: safety, tolerability and potential clinical benefits says:

"Subjects... showed a nearly 50% decline in self-reported fatigue and depression scores. MS QoL physical health and mental health composite scores increased on-diet. Significant improvements were noted in Expanded Disability Status Scale scores, 6-minute walk and Nine-Hole Peg Test. Serum leptin was lower and adiponectin was higher on the [Ketogenic Diet]... and yield improvements in body composition, fatigue, depression, QoL, neurological disability and adipose-related inflammation in persons living with relapsing [Multiple Sclerosis]."

I believe those two published studies served as the basis for this article here:



You might also like this video/podcast where Dr. Anthony Chaffee (a notable pioneer in the carnivore diet community) interviews another Doctor, Doctor Sarah, who used a canivore diet for her MS...




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