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I know some guys get on carnivore to cure balding but is it related to hair thinning at all? Because im 25F and my hair has been thinning and im trying to figure out if its stress/messing up my diet or if its carnivore diet involved since it kind of started before everything negative happened 

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Have you lost a lot of weight in a short period of time? Losing weight on any diet can result in hair loss. The body may see the sudden loss of weight as a sign of famine and will go into survival mode, and your body doesn't consider hair all that important compared to vital organs. We lose and replace hair all the time, and this is only temporary. It will grow back.

Alternatively, yet semi-related to the above, are you portion controlling or doing a lot of fasting? Are you eating high fat and skimping on the protein or vice versa? You may need to increase the amount of fat and protein you consume, and vary it up. If you are only eating beef and eggs, throw some salmon in there once in a while. If you can stomach some liver, eat that too (if you like liver, don't go overboard with it). Hair also likes vitamin D, so if you don't get out in the sun a lot, take a small supplement. 

If you give us an idea of what you eat day in and day out, we can analyze that together.


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Hey thanks! I did lose 15 lbs in the first two weeks 😂😂 went from 154 to 138. 

as i mentioned i do keep screwing up the diet this year due to a loooot of crap happening all at once. Buuut when im on carnivore i eat around two pounds of chuck roast a day sometimes with sour cream (or yogurt) sometimes with just butter. Either way i always use about four tablespoons of butter a day minimum. 

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According to Dr. Boz, hair thinning is common when switching to keto diets - it's a shock to the body having to set up a new apparatus for energy production, and your hair sadly bears the brunt of it. She says it's meant to be temporary and shouldn't happen again, but my own experience is that my hair falls out at times of high stress and rarely grows back properly. I was hoping that carnivore might help, but after a year, I've kinda given up on that. My life's pretty high stress, though, so can't expect miracles from any diet I guess. Biotin and selenium are recommended supplements (can't say they've done much for me, though). I think cortisol levels are probably key. Anything you can do to lower your daily stress would probably really help. And good sleep, of course.


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