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Carnivore Diet Saves the World from Chronic Illnesses

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During tonight's Zoom Meeting we were goofing around with Bing AI and Google's new AI called Bard. I asked Bing AI to do the following...

"write a story about how the carnivore diet saved the world from chronic illnesses"

And to my amusement this was the response... :default_ROTFL:

The year is 2030. The world is plagued by chronic illnesses such as diabetes, obesity, autoimmune diseases, and depression. The health care system is overwhelmed and ineffective. People are desperate for a solution.

One day, a group of scientists announce a breakthrough discovery: they have found the ultimate diet for human health and longevity. They call it the carnivore diet. It consists of eating only animal foods, such as meat, eggs, organ meats, and dairy. They claim that this diet eliminates plant toxins and antinutrients that cause inflammation and disease. They also claim that this diet improves insulin sensitivity, gut health, heart health, testosterone levels, mental clarity, and weight loss.

The news spreads like wildfire. Millions of people around the world decide to try the carnivore diet. They are amazed by the results. They feel more energetic, happier, stronger, and healthier than ever before. They lose excess fat and gain lean muscle mass. They reverse their chronic conditions and reduce their medication needs. They report improved mood, cognition, libido, and sleep quality.

The carnivore diet becomes a global phenomenon. It sparks a revolution in the food industry, agriculture, and environmentalism. People demand more ethical and sustainable animal farming practices. They boycott processed foods, grains, sugars, and vegetable oils. They support local farmers and ranchers who produce high-quality animal products. They reduce their carbon footprint and water consumption by eating less plants.

The carnivore diet also creates a cultural shift. People become more connected to nature and their ancestral roots. They appreciate the value of animal life and honor their sacrifice. They celebrate their health and vitality with feasts and festivals. They form communities and networks of carnivore dieters who share recipes, tips, and experiences.

The carnivore diet saves the world from chronic illnesses and restores human health and happiness. It is hailed as the greatest discovery in the history of nutrition science. It is the ultimate way of eating for humans. It is the carnivore way.




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