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100 days on a Strick Carnivore Diet

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I am now 100 days in a Strick Carnivore diet(I only eat meats and eggs. Nothing more) I started the Carnivore diet to improve my body composition. I was a healthy guy with no chronic illness or healthy problems.

I lost about 15 lbs in the first 6 weeks (Mostly water) but since then I haven't been able to change my body composition. I have now gone more than 6 weeks without registering any body changes (weight loss, decrease in BF% or measurements)
I still need to lose at least another 15lbs of fat to reach my goal of being below 15%BF. However, I don't see how the Carnivora Diet will facilitate this process. I have not experienced most of the benefits common to Carnivores (Improved sleep, more energy/disposition, etc.) nor can I change my body composition.
So I would like to ask more experienced Carnivores:
1- How long should I extend my experience with the Carnviroa diet to be able to lose the excess weight I still have?
2- What is the minimum time you should maintain a Carnivora diet when it is not working for you?

Thank you for your attention
Good luck to everyone



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Like we've said to you in the other topics, your body has adapted to what you are doing, whatever that is. I would try mixing things up, and there are 2 directions you can take this...

1) Incorporate fasting. Start with intermittent fasting. Then try a 24 hour or 48 hour fast. Intermittent and extended fasting has helped people break their plateaus. This makes sense. If you don't eat, you will shrink.

2) Carb cycle. If you want to carb cycle and stay true to carnivore, scallops are great. There are 7 carbs for every 3 large sea scallops. Alternatively, fall back on some keto friendly options like berries or other low glycemic fruits for a one-time snack, and then return to carnivore. 

Back when I was doing keto, I would hit a plateau for weeks and get super frustrated like you are. Then I would lose my resolve, throw caution to the wind, woof down a pizza, and somehow break the plateau and weigh in even lighter the next morning. It seemed senseless at the time.

Of course, I wouldn't recommend you eat a pizza. I've had the same experience with an apple. A pizza will welcome back cravings for junk and possibly send you spiraling back to the standard american junk diet. But some berries or some fruit won't. 

Humans always ate berries and seasonal fruit, even way back in the beginning.

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I think if you're looking to specifically lose fat, then maybe you need to tweak your macros a bit? If you're on 70:30 fat to protein, and you're looking to cut, I think I saw Dr. Shawn Baker saying that he goes more like 60:40 when he wants to lean out a bit. If the idea is to build muscle you don't want to undereat, especially protein obviously, but maybe cut down on the fat a bit and you could try using something like cronometer.com to give you a breakdown of calories and macros and vitamins to see if you're getting what you need. Like Bob said, you're fighting homeostasis, your body will adapt to any routine, so varying up your calorie intake on different days, maybe leaning heavily on protein on some days, and incorporating some intermittent fasting might help shift you off the plateau.


I've seen people use an egg diet for a few days to get things moving again. The rough rules are up to 10 eggs a day with a tbsp of fat with each egg. Alternatively, cut that fat to a tbsp per 3 eggs and increase the number of eggs if you want. No longer than 3 days or you'll probably go nuts, but it works well for breaking a plateau.


Edit: would also make sure you're getting enough electrolytes, especially Magnesium.

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Forgot the electrolytes
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22 hours ago, butterfly said:

Dr. Shawn Baker saying that he goes more like 60:40 when he wants to lean out a bit. If the idea is to build muscle you don't want to undereat, especially protein obviously

Yes, Dr. Baker and Dr. Chaffee don't tend to obsess over the fat content of their meat, or worry about melting tons of butter on it. They just keep it simple: Eat meat, exercise. And the two of them are extremely fit and toned.

22 hours ago, butterfly said:

I've seen people use an egg diet for a few days to get things moving again. ...it works well for breaking a plateau.

Interesting. I might have to try eggs only one day. I love eggs so this would be a walk in the park, lol. 

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