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Headache when lifting weights

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Hi there lions,

Been on carnivore diet 2 months, all good, except lately when lifting weights I am getting bad headaches. Seems like it’s directly related to spiking blood pressure while lifting, when I wait 5-10min after lift it goes away. Please help, very annoying to exercise.

I am taking my magnesium, drinking plenty of water and electrolytes as I earn my living doing construction and like to be active.


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I haven't heard or experienced this myself so this is new to me. A little web searching suggests these are most likely "exertion headaches"...



Common suggestions were to stay hydrated, gradually warm up, etc, but the one thing that I saw that could be sorta diet related is low blood sugar, and the advice was to have a small pre-workout meal to raise your blood sugars before working out. So maybe try priming yourself with some protein and/or fat before your workout.

When you eat anything, even on carnivore, your blood sugar rises.

Hope this helps and that you find a solution.

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