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What's the best Low Carb Snacks?

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As a result of my blood sugar levels, I had to switch my lunch time food to low carb as a result of not fancying the high carb lunch we usually have at work which is within 90g to 34g at the moment. I'm looking for suggestions on the best low carb snacks that I can switch to in order to make this work for me? 

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Well since we're a meat-based diet community, first up on the list is a low-sugar beef jerky, cheeses, hard-boiled eggs, sardines, and maybe certain select deli meats. All these are easy to open and eat without having to heat. If you have access to a microwave, then pack some steak, ground beef, or chicken - unless you like those things cold too. Not so much for me.

We are also keto friendly here, so you could add to that any number of low carb vegetables, such as salad, broccoli, cauliflower, a few nuts, and a few berries. In the low carb sphere it's a little more easier to mix and match these things for a little more variety.

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I rarely snack anymore since becoming carnivore simply because my one meal a day keeps me satisfied for at least 18 hours.
When I do occasionally get the urge for a snack I’ll get a bit of cheese, or a hard boiled egg, sometimes two. A couple of slices of pre cooked bacon. Some pork rinds. Sugar and soy free jerky. A cold sausage that’s clean. And the list goes on.
Anything can be a snack or a meal you just need to look at the ingredients to make sure it’s clean.

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