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Carnivore diet evaluation

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Hi everyone, I need some more advice on the carnivore diet

I'm now in the middle of week 10 of a strict carnivore diet. I eat 1-1.2 lbs  of meat and 7-8 eggs. Divided into 2 meals, over a 4-5 hour window.
When I started the carnivore diet, my goals were to lose fat (drop my BF% to less than 15% BF) without having to count every calories or feel hungry. I am a healthy individual with no chronic illnesses. Most people who thrive on the carnivore diet appear to have many health problems. This fact prevented me from starting the carnivore diet right away (I have been watching content on the subject for over 6 months). I also didn't experience many of the common carnivore diet benefits that are so well known, such as better sleep, more energy, better digestion, and so on...).
I will complete the 100 days as a Carnivore. However, i dont know for how long i should insist with the diet, given my circumstances. Dr. Ken Berry recommends the Carnivore challenge that last 90 days. There is also the Carnivore month to incentivize people to start the Carnivore Diet.
How long it takes to have a good idea of the Carnivore diet effectiveness? I am willing to extend my time as a Carnivore for a more time i just don't know for how long. Most of the people who experienced great results from this diet, are not in my situation.(Healthy person in pursuit of improving his body composition). 

Thank you very much again for your attetion

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