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3 weeks Carnivore and still have a fasting glucose of over 300.

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Hello, 24 days ago, I changed from a SAD to a zero carb, Carnivore diet. Before starting Carnivore, my fasting glucose was typically between 250-350, and it is still in that range after 24 days with no carbs. 

I’ve watched dozens of hours of videos from Ken Berry, Anthony Chaffe, and others. I’m thinking that maybe my liver and pancreas are dumping fat, but would this triglycerides turn into glucose, which would keep my glucose high, or are they burned as ketones? I’m also concerned that maybe this means my eyelet beta cells in my pancreas are burned out and I’m not producing any insulin, which traps the glucose in the blood as insulin is needed to deliver glucose to the cells.

I actually feel really good, even with the high glucose, so I’m continuing Carnivore knowing that no carbs is still better than what I was eating. I know my Type 2 was severely advanced, and that maybe it’ll take a couple of months to get my glucose levels to normal. 

I wanted to ask a community of people with more experience. Thanks in advance for the responses. It is concerning.

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It sounds concerning, yes. Diabetes complicates the matter greatly. I'd say give it at least 90 days, that is 90 days without sugar, processed foods, no seed oils. What I'd do in this case, I'd add a fiber supplement. Again, no doctor here. Nor a diabetes patient. Nor a doctor with diabetes. Just thinking with you here. The question is also, are you overweight? that would be a factor as well. 90 days give you more data. I use an app to track food, macros, etc and weight in every morning. It has helped me adapting when needed. Good luck to you. 

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