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I have been doing carnivore for about 7 weeks now. I noticed that I’ve been starting to have a frequent hot flashes throughout the day and night. I don’t usually sweat but just instantly become super hot for about 10 minutes and than go back to normal. Has anyone else had this experience? I feel like it’s because my hormones might be becoming more regular? I honestly don’t really know. I would love input

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Welcome Jen,

It's hard to say. You could still be adapting, although at 7 weeks you should be almost over any transition symptoms. But meat sweats can certainly be a thing on a carnivore diet. It requires and produces significant energy to break down the proteins you are consuming, which is likely much higher on your new diet. Of course it could be the other things you've mentioned too. 

Does it happen after meals? Do you eat late at night? If you eat before bedtime, then stop. Eat earlier so you have more time to digest food before trying to go to sleep.  

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