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Exercise during carnivore?

Guest BrowniePoints

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Guest BrowniePoints
Hi everyone. I just started carnivore, but I have a question about whether we can exercise while our bodies are adjusting to this WOE. I've seen people saying that it's good to keep up your routine, while others say you shouldn't because it will interfere with the process (but once you see your body dropping fat effortlessly, it's "safe" to resume exercise).
The thing is, I also just started to teach a fitness class 3x a week (strength training), so...I obviously have to keep working out. Will I be countering the effects of this diet somehow? Any light anyone can shed would be great. Thanks!
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Hello BrowniePoints 🙂

I don't see how it would interfere with the process. I imagine you will simply burn up your carbohydrate stores faster. Once they are used up your body has to switch to burning ketones. You might find yourself weak or fatigued and having massive carb cravings during the time it takes your body to switch over from a carb burning machine to a fat burning machine, but once it does you'll feel fine again.

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