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I just saw a video by Dr. Ken Berry about keto-friendly condiments. I am always looking for ways to add variations and creativity to my meals and I thought you might be interested in viewing this video (if you haven't seen it yet). He says that if they aren't easy to find in the store, they are easy to make at home where you can control the ingredients.

Here's the link to the video:


Butter was the first item on the list. That one is an easy one to find. However, if you like using clarified butter for frying (as a break from tallow, bacon grease, or fruit oils), here is a link to one way of making your own clarified butter. Clarified butter has the milk proteins removed and will not burn as it raises the flash point for butter up around 500 degrees Fahrenheit.


Next on his list was bacon grease. He says it can be used as a condiment as well as for frying food. He mentioned pouring the hot bacon grease over salads. 🤔

Vinaigrette was also discussed and there are a lot of recipes out there to choose from.

Mayonnaise was on his list and of course he cautioned about the soy and seed oil mayos. Here is a link for some good homemade mayo:


Hollandaise sauce is made from eggs (yolks) and is so good. It complements a lot of food and is a great source of fat. This is the recipe that I use:

Hollandaise Sauce

Ranch dressing (dip) has always been a favorite of mine but all the commercial ones out there are invariably made from soy oil. So it will have to be made at home (unless you know of a brand that is keto friendly). I remember seeing a homestead video that made the spice powder so you could make it fresh in any desired quantity. You could make the ranch powder recipe and modify it to take out the buttermilk powder and use the cream cheese/sour cream combination instead. But there are a lot of different carnivore/keto recipes available. All can be modified to your liking.

Mustard was his next item. Pretty easy. Just remember to read the label as some of those mustards have devils in them.

The bonus item he gave is aioli. Something that I had never heard of but am anxious to try out. Here is a sample recipe for garlic aioli.

I noticed that there were also other videos besides Dr. Berry's that touted carnivore condiments. I know when I first started my diet, I was afraid I would get bored with the diet. But I have since discovered that there is a ton of information and ideas out there that will provide more variety than you think!  😊



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Great post, thank you for all of that. I’ll be checking all of those out.
As of right now the only condiments I use are Mayo that’s either made with animal fats or fruit oils and mustard that is clean. So far I’ve only been able to find clean mustard in typical yellow mustard of which I’m not a big fan of. I much prefer a brown mustard but so far the ones I’ve looked at have sugar in them.

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Same here. I use avocado oil mayonnaise from time to time as well as yellow mustard. I do like the idea of making my own ranch and aioli sauce. I had some apple cider vinegar but I used it like once and now it's passed the 'use by' date.

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2 hours ago, Bob said:

I had some apple cider vinegar but I used it like once and now it's passed the 'use by' date.


That's funny because I am sure you are the only person in the world that that has ever happened to. 😁

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