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Sorry for raising my voice but it needs to be emphasized. Read those food labels for those hidden ingredients, soy, wheat, seed oils and most especially SUGAR.

It really ticks me off that food manufacturers are allowed to hide these non food items in our food and do it most especially by renaming the the sugar so that it’s unrecognizable to the average person. Just because the packaging may say “Sugar Free” doesn’t mean there’s not sugar in the product.

It’s no wonder that over 40% of Americans are considered obese.

Educate yourself. Here’s a chart to help you decipher the hidden sugars that may be in your food.




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It's alarming for sure. Things like Barley Malt, Malt, Muscovado, Panela, and more sound like they would be grains, oils, or liquor, lol. And then D-ribose, Diatase, and Maltodextrin sound like preservatives. And then Ethyl Maltol, Maltol, Saccharose sound like artificial sweeteners when they are not.


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