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Started eating carnivore 2 months ago, but still feel hunger after meals. I am eating large amounts of protein, but cannot manage to balance with even larger amounts of fat. Apart from butter, how do people get their fat quota in each day please. Have lost very little weight, still ache in every joint and muscle and still extremely tired. I am Type 2.

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I've had similar issues, getting enough fat - protein being too high can still cause hunger, when the body metabolises protein as glucose. 

I'm sticking to fatty meats (pork belly is great!), if eating eggs I'll have the yolks only, and some butter. 

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Butter, tallow, ghee, cheese, blue cheese, heavy cream, and milk (if you're not concerned about the carbs). What types of meat are you eating? I will say that when I eat meats that are lean, such as chicken and lean fish, I get very hungry again soon. Too much lean protein will kick me out of ketosis too.

What does "MS" mean in the subject line?

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