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How do these diets fit into the broader landscape of dietary trends?

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Carnivore and keto don’t fit in at all because they are pretty much polar opposite of all other diets. That’s because they are not trends nor are they fads. They are lifestyles and not diets.
They are not mainstream because they debunk all of the so-called nutritional science out there and there’s no money in them for big food and big pharma.
What we can learn is that for decades we’ve been lied to and misled about health and nutrition.
We also learn that there is a way to heal without medicine but with real food.

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12 hours ago, Geezy said:

they are not trends nor are they fads. They are lifestyles

True that. That's why it's sometimes referred to as "The Natural Human Diet" or "The Perfect Human Diet" or "The Proper Human Diet" because it is ancestrally appropriate. Humans have been eating this way for thousands of years, hunting for food, eating low carbohydrate vegetables, and some seasonal fruit a month or so out of the year.

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