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What are the best foods for someone having gout but doing OMAD?

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My brother have gout but was very determined to start OMAD along side it which is something I commend on his part. I'm looking at how to help him with his OMAD plan in knowing the best food be can eat while doing his OMAD with the intent of keeping his gout flare ups on the down side. 

What are your thoughts? 

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Since gout is found to be related to hyperinsulinemia (a condition where the insulin level in your blood is higher than what’s considered normal), then a ketogenic diet or carnivore diet would be best for him. Restrict carbohydrate intake to low-moderate levels, eliminate sugary sodas and fruit juices (never drink calories), and minimize or eliminate alcohol consumption.

Cutting out starchy vegetables, grains, and sugars altogether (including most fruit, with the exception of a few berries here and there) and greatly reducing carbohydrates (still allowing for low carb cruciferous veggies) will also make doing OMAD easier because that one meal a day will be nutrient dense and he will feel fuller for longer, whereas carbs bring on voracious cravings and hunger pangs.

Honestly, just going OMAD might be enough as long as he doesn't consume sweetened beverages, because your blood sugar and insulin levels are going to remain very low for most of 24 hours until he has his meal. 

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Bob is spot on. Gout is caused by inflammation in the body. The best way to eliminate that inflammation is to eat a meat based diet, drink only water and increase your mineral and electrolyte intake.

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