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How long does it take to get back to the progress?

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Hello. I started the carnivore on September 1. I m still on the carnivore diet. After a month and a half I had a slice of cake. And then yesterday I also had a slice of cake, a small burger, yogurt drink, marinated meat, a few fries. How long is it going to take me to get back to my progress... Did my diet go to waste? It's going to be 2 months in a few days. 

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It’s going to take you exactly the next minute to get back on track.
Seriously, you stepped off the path but you didn’t fall off of the mountain. Just step right back on and forget the mistake but remember the lesson.
Yes it will take a little while for your body to deplete it’s glucose stores and go back to being fat adapted but not nearly as long as it did originally when you had years of it built up. You’re doing fine so don’t worry about it. Celebrate your return with a ribeye slathered in butter and bleu cheese.
Back when I drank I had a saying that every once in awhile I needed to get drunk just to remind myself why I shouldn’t get drunk in the first place. This was usually after waking up with a hangover.

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Welcome @Dury


10 hours ago, Dury said:

Did my diet go to waste?

No, not if you reign in the urge to give into those cravings and stop eating off plan now.

Isn't it amazing how strong those cravings can be. My wife baked pumpkin bread and asked me to try it. I had one bite. In fact it wasn't even a bite, it was like a nibble, a half a bite. Suddenly I craved the whole loaf and desired all kinds of foods that I had trained myself to be immune to. I couldn't believe it. I resisted and it passed by in an hour or so.

And that's the probably reintroducing carbohydrates into your system. You wake up those cravings and they may stick around for a day or two but if you go right back to being a faithful carnivore you can get the mastery over them, they will subside, and you probably wouldn't have done much damage.

If you fall, you get back up again right that minue. Not tomorrow, not Monday, not next week. 😉

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