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How long have you been following the diet?

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193 days as of today.
Discovering carnivore and wanting to do it kinda goes hand in hand for me.
I have proximal Atrial Fibrillation so I’m not in AFib all the time but I will have attacks that hit me really hard and result in a trip the the ER and a stay in ICU.
After my fourth attack, my adult son asked me if this was going to shorten my life and my response was “more than likely, yes”. He then asked me to listen to what he had to tell me with an open mind.
He talked to me about the carnivore lifestyle and how it could be metabolically healing.
He then gave me some reading materials and videos to research and then decide for myself if it was right for me.
It all made sense to me so I thought I’d try it for 30 days.
I saw so much improvement after 30 days that I decided to see what another 30 days would bring.
After 60 days things were going so good that I figured, why not 30 days more.
I saw and experienced so many miracles in my health that I was convinced, deep down to my very core, that this was not only the proper way we should be eating but that it was also the way I would eat for the rest of my life.

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I've been mostly carnivore since May 12th, 2023.

I did it because in 2021 I was slowly improving my kidney labs (I have stage 4 CKD) by doing keto. But in 2022 I backslid and gained all my weight back and in December of 2022 my numbers started going in the wrong direction, so I wanted to get my act together and return to keto. It took a couple months to make my mind over, but I finally eased into low carb/dirty keto in March. 

I was watching keto diet influencers on YouTube and came across Dr. Ken Berry. His style of keto was very reminiscent of the Atkins Diet that was successful for me back in the 90's and 2000's, which is basically clean, just meat, cheese, and veggies. This was before "keto" became bastardized by big food companies with their fake "keto" bars, cookies, tortillas, and breads - which are not really keto at all. So I went clean keto in April.

Throughout April I would keep binging his videos and he kept talking about a carnivore diet. It made sense, being that it would be zero to minimal carbs, but I wasn't sure if that was something I could commit to. Then on May 12 I broke my ankle, and with the prospect of not being able to exercise for several weeks or months, I decided I would go carnivore and intermittently fast. I lost 10 more pounds while I was laid up and healed quicker than expected.

Since then, I have taken off 50 pounds. I am fairly faithful to carnivore. Occasionally I will revert back to keto for a meal depending on who I am in company with.

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