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Real Meat Vs. Processed Meat

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Do you like to eat real meat or processed meat? By real meat I mean the meat you buy from a butcher's shop and processed meat means meat products like sausages, salami, canned meat, etc.

I like buying meat from a butcher shop and making my meat dish instead of buying and eating processed meat.  Real meat is not only tasty but also very healthy.

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So I would answer real meat, fresh meat, and even meat from the local rancher/butcher.

There's a bit of a "grey area" when it comes to processed meats. Some meats are called "processed foods" when they really aren't. For example, bacon, throughout history, has been cured, but wasn't a processed food, at least not until modern times. It's always important to read your labels and see what's in the product.

It's similar with certain sausages and certain deli meats, like salami. Are these processed or cured? Well, depends on the supplier and what's in it.

I would not consider canned tuna or canned salmon processed. It's just the animals flesh, put in a can.

But then there's hot dogs, bologna, vienna sausages, etc. I worked at a hot dog factory, and that is definitely processed. It a mishmash of meat, organ, and fat scraps liquified, with maybe some dextrose or cornstarch added, and then solidified in a casing that may often be synthetic. 

Even then, if all you could afford was these cheap processed meats, it would still be healthier than cookies, cakes, pies, cheetos, snacks, and much more junk that makes up the standard American diet.

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I wouldn’t call it “real” meat but instead maybe whole meat?
Even processed meat is still real, it’s just been modified.
While Webster’s may define bacon as processed I totally disagree because I don’t believe curing something is altering it, only preserving it. It’s no different than cooking a pot roast, is that turning the roast into processed meat? No, you didn’t alter the meat anymore that curing it did.
I make my own bacon so I’m very familiar with the process.

Processed meats.
In my opinion there’s nothing wrong with processed meats but with this caution, make sure it’s clean. That can be hard to do though. I read the ingredient labels on every thing I buy that’s processed. If it has any sugars, sweeteners of any kind and that includes any thing that ends in “ose” such as dextrose, that includes store bought bacon, I won’t eat it. Also, if it has any fillers such as grains, soy, soy grits I leave it alone. Chemicals are also a no no.
If I had absolutely no other choice I would eat unclean processed meat but only in limited quantities and only after I had achieved my goals on carnivore.
Do I like one over the other?
Not really, it just depends on my mood. My German heritage demands that I love sausage and I do but the Texan in be loves a good steak or brisket.
I ate one meal yesterday and it consisted of 1 dozen oysters on the half shell , 1 dozen boiled shrimp. 1 dozen langostino and four clean sausages.

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