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Animal Based Protein and Plant Based Protein

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Is there a difference between animal-based protein and plant-based protein? I mean does your body differentiate the source of protein and treat animal-based protein and plant-based protein differently? I read somewhere that your body does not absorb the entire protein in your food and the percentage of protein absorption for animal-based protein is higher compared to plant-based protein, is that true?

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Yes, this is true. Animal protein sources are more complete, have better absorption and muscle-building effects, have more additional nutrients, and contain fewer calories and carbohydrates. However, plant proteins are considered “incomplete” because they lack sufficient amounts of one or more essential amino acids. There's 2 ways around this problem. One would be to eat a variety of plant proteins at once, increasing your odds of getting all the essential amino acids to form a "complete" protein. Or, just eat soy, as soy protein is complete just like animal protein. However, soy is known to cause other issues when eaten in excess.

Then there is the problem of fiber and antinutrients found in plants that also block your bodies absorption of some of these proteins and nutrients. 

In short, the protein and nutrient composition of meat is more "bioavailable" than those in plants. When you eat meat, you absorb ALL of it. When you eat plants, much of the nutrition just ends up in the toilet.

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Bob is spot.

The only thing I’d like to add is in regards to soy. Stay away from that crap as much as possible.
First off it’s a seed and all seeds should be avoided. They are not meant to be eaten, are full of chemicals and toxins that cause inflammation in the body. Soy is especially bad to men because it increases the female hormone estrogen to increase in males whereby making them effeminate. Ever heard the term “Soy Boys”?

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