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What is your favorite meat?

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Taboo in your culture? That’s interesting. What is your culture and why is it taboo?

I don’t really have a favorite meat. I put red meat above all else but there are enough varieties of red meat that I just can’t say I prefer one over another. I just depends on my mood at the time. In red meats I love them all. Beef, lamb, goat, bison, venison of all kinds (deer, elk, caribou, etc). I raise much of the red meat I eat and I hunt the remainder.
Next on my list is pork. Sometimes nothing beats a rack of slow smoked short ribs and bacon is a staple. A lot of the pork I eat comes from the hogs I hunt.
Seafood. That one’s another tossup that vies for the top of the list. It’s especially great when I can combine it with a good steak.
I have noticed that since becoming a carnivore I have lost my desire for fresh water fish, except for trout, and only like saltwater fish.
If there’s any meat that just doesn’t compete with the others is poultry.
I do like a good fatty duck and goose is good but they are a red meat. White meat fowl such as turkey, chicken , pheasant and quail can be boring. The only way I find them to be palatable is to drown them in butter.

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I like it all, lol. But my favorite is probably beef, given that it is readily available over here. I have steaks several days a week as well as ground beef which is pretty diverse in the number of things you can do with it. For breakfast, I am an eggs and pork sausage kinda guy. Bacon is good, but I don't prepare it often.

I've had lamb, chicken, duck, and a variety of fish and seafood. There's a place nearby that makes a fantastic seafood boil, and I will get mussels, shrimp, snow crab legs, lobster tails, and giant sea scallops. I can eat scallops with no end in sight, but they are actually quite carby so I have to moderate myself, lol.

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