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Carnivore and Chronic Pain

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Hey all,

Question. I am starting my 7th week today. I started the carnivore in hopes of relieving chronic pain all throughout my body but mostly in my back.


When I first started I started seeing good results. Pain lessening and intermittent. I've lost 20 pounds so far. Was sleeping better which was great as I had chronic insomnia due to pain.

The past week and a half the pain has come back with a vengeance. Sleep is starting to suck again. Even though I've lost 20 pounds I feel heavier. No real energy. Tired like I was before the diet.


I have not changed my diet much except that I quit coffee over three weeks ago. I also quit eating the bacon I was buying because it had sugar in it 


I usually eat 6 eggs in the morning cooked in butter seasoned with salt. Some ground beef at lunch with some butter and salt added. And at dinner a steak or chicken or ground beef all cooked with butter and seasoned to taste with salt 

I sometimes use LMNT for electrolytes in my water. That's about it

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I don’t know if I can help you much as I haven’t experienced this. I had spinal stenosis so bad that I was losing the use of my legs and I’ve had a protruding compressed disc for 30 years. I had surgery (Laminectomy and diseconomy). That gave me my legs back but the inflammation that developed caused so much pain that I couldn’t walk without some kind of support. Carnivore changed everything for me and now I’m walking 3 miles every other day without any pain.
But, that doesn’t mean my back is healed. It just means that the debilitating inflammation is gone. I’ve been working really hard this week on my small farm and my back is hurting pretty good right now. Nothing is going to heal that disc so when I over do it then it’s going to remind me that it’s still there.
I say all that because I’m wondering if you may have had expectations that carnivore just can’t fix.
On the other hand maybe what you’re going through is oxalate dumping.

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Welcome @Eric G!

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I would love to see you get to the bottom of this. Your diet description sounds on point. They are basically the same things I would eat. Although if I eat chicken, I usually add bacon or cheese or both because the chicken is lean and I want a higher fat content. I use Carb Manager app to track my macros. But I think your diet is fine as it is.

18 hours ago, Eric G said:

I started the carnivore in hopes of relieving chronic pain all throughout my body but mostly in my back.

How is the pain and inflammation in the rest of your body? Has that improved?

Have you ever had a back injury? Have you ever been in an accident?

There could be some condition that is aggravating the back that diet alone isn't going to address. For example, my wife was in a car accident in 2007. Years later, she developed a chronic pain condition where nobody could even touch her. By late 2015 she spent most the time in bed and didn't want to live. We were seeing a specialist per day and she was on like 15 different medications.

Then, a friend referred us to this non-traditional chiropractor who practiced an alternative method. He x-rayed her neck and there were some cervical vertebrae misaligned and pinching her major nerve chord and causing the brain to be lifted up from it's natural resting posting. He made adjustments to her neck over the course of several visits, and her pain went away and she got her life back, and I got my wife back, lol.

Diet wise, I would keep doing what you are doing. I would try to run this by Dr. Berry. I could even ask in your behalf.

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