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Deer bologna recipe

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Just started carnivore today. Was going to make deer bologna for snacks. Got a con Yeager kit. It doesn't look very carnivore friendly. Just wondering if anyone has a recipe that is carnivore friendly. Thanks in advance.

You’re my kind of carnivore Aurie. I hunt and eat a lot of venison.
I haven’t tried any deer bologna yet but I’ll bet it’s good.
I looked up the ingredient list on that particular seasoning mix and I agree it’s not suitable for carnivore with the food starch, soy and seed oils in it.
It’s probably going to be hard to find a commercially available sausage seasoning mix that is carnivore friendly so maybe make your own mix.

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Welcome aboard @Aurie



It's hard to find a recipe with a whole bag of brown sugar in it, lol. But I did find this one for regular bologna...


It has a miniscule amount of sugar compared to some others I found. I would probably try this as a starting point. Replace the beef with a combination of deer and pork fat. Other deer bologna recipes suggest adding pork fat in with the deer meat, probably because deer is very lean. Then, remove the tiny bit of brown sugar (or leave it, because 1 tablespoon spread across 3 pounds of meat is going to be meaningless).

I would be interested in hearing how this goes for you.

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