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Welcome aboard @Kim1776!

Yes, this way of life is doable for you too. Keto and carnivore are often referred to as the Proper Human Diet. As long as you're still human, then it is proper for you 😄

It is recommended that you transition slowly, especially since you don't have a gall bladder. This will give your body time to adjust and your liver to start ramping up bile production. Bile helps break down fats and is produced by the liver and stored in the gall bladder. But even without a gall bladder, it can be trained to make enough.

Start by eliminating refined sugar, grains, and vegetable seed oils (canola oil, corn oil, sunflower oil, safflower oil, etc). These are the trio of terror and you don't want to consume them. 

At the beginning you can have meat (meat heals!), low carb non-starchy veggies, a few nuts, and a few berries. Aim for no more than 60 per day carbs. Then, over the next 6 weeks, reduce your carbs by eating less plants and adding more fatty meat.

60 carbs per day week 1, 50 carbs per day on week 2, 40 carbs per day on week 3, 30 on week 4, 20 on week 5, 10 per day on week 6, and then zero (ish) meat only beyond week 6. You can modify this as you see fit.

You could go 'cold turkey' and just jump right in, but any time you make an overnight radical change to your diet your body doesn't react so well, and then people end up blaming the diet. Start with clean keto, then move on to ketovore, and then move on to carnivore.


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Bob is spot on Kim.
I was obese according to the standards. I don’t have a gallbladder. I had IBS for over thirty years and had recently developed Crohn’s disease.
Not only is this way of eating doable it’s highly recommended. It is how man was meant to eat. It can bring you optimal health and weight loss.
Good health and welcome to the tribe Kim.

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Thank you! I was scared to try,lol. I was house bound for 15 yrs do to IBS D which caused my anxiety. So glad to be on a path of healing. Should I take oxbile? Any other supplements that are recommended? Sorry for the questions, I just see so much confusing info. Glad to be here and have support! 😁

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9 hours ago, Kim1776 said:

Should I take oxbile?

I would try to see if I could get by without it, giving your body it's opportunity to learn how to make it's own sufficient amount of bile. As a general rule, I have heard that if stools are stiff, add more fat, if stools are liquid, reduce your fat. But at the same time, I was eating too little fat and had diarrhea, but when I upped my fat I got better. So for me there is a happy medium between too much and too little. I aim for 66%-75% of my calories to come from fat and the remaining to come from protein.

But, it wouldn't hurt to take some oxbile along with a fatty meal. Oxbile will not do you any harm. So if you feel that is what works for you, then it's what works for you 😉

9 hours ago, Kim1776 said:

Any other supplements that are recommended?

Generally no. You will get everything you need from ruminant meat and eggs. Some of us do end up needing electrolytes, because it's removed from our filtered waters. If you don't get out in the sun much, maybe a vitamin D3 supplement. It's best to know what your vitamin D lab results would be and then check them from time to time to make sure you need it and/or aren't getting too much.


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