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Hello everyone.  Just here to chat a little.  Today I had blood drawn for my yearly medical followup.  I am really curious to see how it will come out.  I had started to eat bad again in the last 6 months.  Pasta, pizza, junk food, a dessert with every meal.  Then during my cruise in the carribeen last month, I decided to stop that and go super strict on ketovore.  It's funny how 1 cheat meal turns into the american diet when you don't pay attention!


Been on ketovore since Jan 26 now.  I removed artificial sweeteners from my water last week.  Now just drinking flat water.  Cut a lot on peanuts and almonds as well.  Now mostly eating beef with a little pork, chicken.  


Well, I am really looking forward from comparing this blood test to the one I will be doing in about 6 months.  When I was diagnosed with diabetes, my pre-keto diet and in keto diet tests were nigth and day.  Now on an almost lion diet, I feel it will be even more pronounced.


How about you guys?  Anything interesting going on related to either health or diet?


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Please share your results. And try to stick to 6 months without reverting back to the standard American diet. Try to stay true to carnivore (or if you are going to cheat, cheat with keto). It will definitely be interesting to compare the results 6 months apart. 

I have stage 4 chronic kidney disease, so my blood work has thrown me some curve balls, but I got things under control for the most part. My potassium was high last time, so I have cut out pork. I was a big pork eater. Pork sausage for breakfast, pork rinds all the time, pork kielbasa, etc. Come to find out, pork is high in potassium. This is not a problem for most of you, but it is for me because my kidneys don't excrete potassium like they should. So for the last 2 weeks I have been all Lion Diet except for 4 of my meals, but I have kept all these low potassium. I was gonna do a blood draw today, but I forgot to order the test.

54 minutes ago, Calendyr said:

I removed artificial sweeteners from my water last week.  Now just drinking flat water.

That's awesome. This is an area I have constantly struggled with. I love my flavored beverages, and it's hard to break away from them. 

I plan on ordering an at home soda maker to carbonate water to cut down on some of the drinks I consume. 

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I wouldn’t expect any miracles. No longer that you’ve been back as carnivore you may not see any positive results. But everyone is different so who knows.

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Another thing worth mentioning is that certain markers, such as your lipids, especially LDL cholesterol, will be all over the place during your weight loss journey. These markers return to baseline (even if it's your new baseline) about 3-6 months after you've been weight stable. This is because there is LDL stored in your adipose tissue, and as your fat melts away it gets released into your blood stream.

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