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Does anyone know anything about eating too much liver?

I have been feeling less than a hundred per cent for a short while and was blaming it on things like oxalate dumping, histamine intolerance and such like. 

A couple of days ago it came to a head and I put myself to bed. 

I was listening to something earlier which suggested that it is best not to eat too much liver. Does anybody know anything about this? I have been eating a lot of buffalo liver in recent times. 


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Eating too much liver can result in toxic amounts of vitamin A. But how much is too much? And does the type of liver matter? I’m not sure anyone really knows for sure. It is recommended to only eat it in small doses weekly or larger doses once a month from my understanding.

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You don't want to overdo it with liver. Not only is Vitamin A toxicity an issue, but I have heard that copper toxicity can also be an issue. One resouce suggests the following...

  • Beef liver: from 18g to 59g for men and from 14g to 59g for women
  • Lamb liver: from 12g to 41g for men and from 9g to 41g for women
  • Pork liver: from 14g to 46g for men and from 11g to 46g for women
  • Chicken liver: from 27g to 90g for men and from 21g to 90g for women
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So glad to read that. I used to love liverwurst. My father was great at sharing (his) favorites. Somehow all of them have landed on my avoid list which also includes Spam.

Interesting. I’ve always loved liverwurst and even make my own these days.
I’ll be making a new batch pretty soon out of some lamb liver I just harvested.

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