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Interesting video

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I watched about half of it when it first came out.
I’ve heard several people talk about their hygiene changing on carnivore and not using soaps and deodorants or not bathing as often. Well if that works for them then fine but like everything else on this WOE, we are all different and it works differently in each of us.
There are some benefits that many carnivore claim that I haven’t experienced such as skin tags falling of. I still have mine. Some no longer have floaters in their eyes, mine are less frequent but they are still there.
It does make sense to me that by eating an all meat diet that it will change how we smell. In Vietnam our LRRP teams had to eat what the locals ate so Charlie couldn’t smell our men in the field. Your diet will give you a distinct smell. It also makes sense that when you don’t consume the sugars and carbs that turn into sugar your dental hygiene will be better. I believe I’m getting less mouth sores myself.
I suppose it’s more habit than anything to brush my teeth twice a day but it definitely feels much better in the morning. I guess one could not brush their teeth and see if their loved ones say anything to them about their breath.
Now as far as BO. No, if I can smell myself then I know others can smell me and I have smelled BO on myself since becoming carnivore. I also can’t stand greasy hair so I will keep showering and using soaps an shampoo.
I can see finding cleaner soaps, shampoos and toothpaste in order to cut down on the unwanted chemicals in our lives.

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1 hour ago, Geezy said:

skin tags falling

Me either.


1 hour ago, Geezy said:

smelled BO on myself since becoming carnivore

Same, some days it's non existent and others it's there, it hard to predict.


1 hour ago, Geezy said:

cleaner soaps, shampoos and toothpaste in order

I use baking soda to brush now, it great and I will continue to use soap, I like the way it smells. I just can't imagine not taking a shower every day. With the exception of camping or extenuating circumstances. I have long hair so washing it every day is a nuisance, but hair can pick up smells from the environment so I think it's good to freshen it up even if it isn't quite greasy yet.

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Well, I listened to the whole interview. I kind of suffered through it, truthfully. I think the entire hour Dave Mac spoke maybe 3 sentences, lol. 

So, I work in construction, and oftentimes outside. I will get dirty and sweat like a hog. There's no way I am not going to shower, lol. My mouth will sometimes feel funky too. Although, if I brush before bed I will wake up with a super funky mouth. You would think this wouldn't be the case. 

4 hours ago, Geezy said:

I also can’t stand greasy hair so I will keep showering

Nor greasy crevices. I at least have to stand under some hot water and use some soap on the pits and bits.

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