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Rush of anxiety whenever I eat something fatty

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What was your diet before 5 days ago, before you started carnivore? How did you used to feel about eating saturated fats and fatty red meat? How do you feel about it now? Are you concerned about what others might think of your new diet?

I ask those questions because maybe you have "situational anxiety", a temporary anxiety that revolves around an event or scenario and usually passes once the situation resolves. Family, relationship, or friendship difficulties can cause situational anxiety. Most of us have been beaten with the message that meat and fat is bad for us and will give us a heart attack. Are you eating carnivore now, but in the back of your mind you are worrying if you are doing the right thing?

I still think that since you are only 5 days in, you are still in your adaptation stage and still have some transitioning to go. Your microbiome is going to change. Research suggests that disruption to your microbiome can contribute to symptoms of anxiety....


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Nah no concern about how others think. I love the carnivore life and have been talking positively about it to others.  I am waking up with zero anxiety.

I’ll eat, then be sitting on my couch, or working, and just lots of anxiety, some brain fog/confusion, feel anxious in my hands.  I have had historical candida issues, leaky gut, classic dysbiosis.  I’m going from big time Standard American Diet to carnivore so yes have to adjust but I never had these issues really with carbs. 

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44 minutes ago, EczemaNoMore said:

yes have to adjust but I never had these issues really with carbs

Your microbiome is changing. The gut bacteria that used to feed on those carbs are going, "YO! Where's da sugar? Where's my fiber?". They will gradually decrease in number and the gut bacteria that loves the beef will increase in number.

I'll try to search more later. Currently a quick web search is just turning up results for anxiety after eating in general...


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Bob is spot on more than likely.
Most of us go through an adjustment period that can last from two weeks to a month or more. I believe the more you were addicted to carbs, especially highly processed carbs, the rougher it can be.
Mine were very mild compared to some. The cravings weren’t much of an issue because I was totally committed to doing this but I did experience headaches and diarrhea. The diarrhea lasted a month and the headaches, off and on, for two months but during that time I saw so many fantastic improvements in my health that I never once thought about changing anything. When I’m committed to something it’s really hard to detour me.

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