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It will keep a long time. If I have fat left over in my skillet, I’ll just leave it in there for whatever I’m going to cook the next day. It keeps just fine being left out overnight. If it’s bacon grease, I have a glass bowl next to my stove that it goes in and it stays out covered all the time.
I make my own tallow and I keep that in canning jars in my refrigerator. Generally when I make tallow I’ll put up at least four jars and it may take me a month to go through one jar so by the time I’m on the last one it’s been in there for four to five months if not longer.
In refrigerated fat can go rancid in time if not kept cold but it takes more that a few days before that will happen. Rendered fat keeps a long time.

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10 hours ago, Matan1262 said:

For how long can I keep ground beef in the refrigerator?

Raw? Just a matter of a few days. Here in the USA the package will have a "Sell by" or date. You can get away with a day or two after that but if you aren't going to use it then you better bag it up and freeze it.

Cooked beef on the other hand might last the whole work week if kept in a container with a nice tight lid.

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