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Question about supplements for all in beef and salt diet

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I am "preparing" for giving the carnivore diet a real try for 2-3 months to see how I feel and perform on it. I see it as an interesting experiment and a sort of "reset" and perhaps elimination diet for me. My plan is to make this test period as clean as possible and I will only eat beef, salt and water. I will drop all my other foods, supplements I take and even coffee during this period. After the period I want to evaluate how I feel and my bloodwork and perhaps introduce some other foods if it was successful. 

However I am contemplating if I should also add in a good quality multivitamin just to cover the nutrients this very clean diet will not cover (in my opinion Thorne is the best and most clean brand when it comes to supplementation). 

I am using the website Cronometer to check which nutrients (pictures attached) I would not get through this diet with just Beef (1000g), Salt (6g) and Water and those would be:

B1 (Thiamine)



Vitamin A,C,D,E,K



Copper (a tiny bit)

Iodine (a bit)

Magnesium (a bit)




Now if I would just add a multivitamin of Throne Basic Nutrients I would cover the daily recommendation on all the above except:





So I am looking at some feedback on this. I feel like adding this tiny multivitamin would be a good thing to cover my basics and it would still be an extremely clean diet?



2023-11-05 18_30_08-Greenshot.png

2023-11-05 18_30_00-Greenshot.png

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Well first let me welcome you to the carnivore diet. I hope that it becomes a lifestyle for you rather than a diet.
Most of the doctors that I follow recommend eating carnivore for at least 90 days. It may take some people that long to see some of the benefits this way of eating can produce. I think a lot of it has to with how metabolically they might be damaged.
When I started I said yeah, I’ll do it for 30 days. Well I saw so much improvement that said I’d do another 30 days. It just kept getting better so I did another 30 days. After doing 90 straight days of pure carnivore I knew, for a fact, without a doubt that this was the way man was supposed to eat. 181 days later I haven’t wavered.
As far as vitamins go, it’s my understanding from my research that ruminant meat is the most nutrient dense, bioavailable food there is meaning that you should get all of the vitamins and nutrients you need without supplementation.
Now there are some things that we need that are not available in the quantities that we need such as vitamin D. Since most of us don’t spend enough time shirtless in the sun we just don’t get enough so supplementing that is recommended.
Then there’s minerals. Since we don’t drink from heavily mineralized streams as our ancestors did we don’t get enough. Some though will argue that if you eat enough meat you should get enough minerals but I’m not sure about that. Then sodium. It’s an essential element for all animal life so that needs to be supplemented.
I get my electrolytes from LMNT which has sodium, potassium and magnesium.
On top of that I take a magnesium complex to help with my heart rhythm as I have AFib and to also help me with my bowels.
So for me it’s just a D3, some electrolytes and magnesium complex.

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So, will taking a daily multivitamin be okay? Yes, it's not going to harm or impede you in any way. However, you can get everything your body needs on a carnivore diet. If you add a little beef liver to your Lion Diet (which is what you are about to do), you will probably have your bases covered.

  • B1 (Thiamine) - beef liver, pork products, salmon, trout, mussels, tuna, chicken liver, fish roe.
  • Biotin & Folate - beef liver and egg yolks.
  • Vitamin A - beef liver, cod liver oil, butter, and a variety of cheeses.
  • Vitamin C - beef, beef organs, and seafoods.
  • Vitamin D - eggs, fatty fish, and you can make it by getting enough sun.
  • Vitamin E - salmon and trout.
  • Vitamin K - chicken, beef liver, and cheeses.
  • Calcium - salmon, sardines, cheese, and milk.
  • Chromium - beef and turkey
  • Molybdenum - beef liver, yogurt, and milk.
  • Magnesium - meat, but especially fatty fish.
  • Iodine - eggs, dairy, and especially seafood.

Admittedly, Vitamin D is one micronutrient that many people need to supplement.

I take magnesium because I would need to eat 2-2.5 lbs of beef a day to meet my magnesium needs, and that's a bit much for me. I also take vitamin D because I have a history of being deficient. 

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