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I Only Eat Meat and Dairy. It Has Changed My Life.

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I Only Eat Meat and Dairy. It Has Changed My Life

Story by Courtney Luna

I spent over two decades yoyo dieting. From weight loss shakes to paleo and calorie-cutting plans, any diet you can name—I probably tried it.

For around seven years I tried a low-carb keto diet on and off, which was probably the better choice of its predecessors. It worked at first, I lost weight and felt good, but I was still obsessively thinking about food.

As part of my keto diet, I was eating low-carb treats, like specially-made doughnuts, and I would have a hard time moderating them. I either didn't eat them at all, and was constantly thinking about eating them, or I would binge and restrict myself the next day.



Courtney Luna is a former yacht chef, recipe developer and content creator. She started eating a "carnivore diet" in May 2022. Courtney Luna© Courtney Luna


These sweet foods continually had a hold on me.

Eventually, I discovered the concept of intuitive eating, which just means eating what feels right for your body regardless of calories or nutritional value.

But I have since learned that I am a carbohydrate and sugar addict, and within four months, I gained 40 pounds. For me, there is no moderating those food groups—it's all or nothing. There was no having one croissant. I would want them all.

I was at rock bottom and feeling awful. I was tired, overweight, depressed, and anxious. I had stomach issues, brain fog, and my acne was horrible. When I finally reached my highest weight, of 192 lbs, that was a wake-up call. I knew this had gotten out of hand.

At the time, my husband was sending me TikTok videos from a creator called Paul Saladino, who ate a diet based mainly on meat and animal-based products. No vegetables were allowed, but he still ate fruits. My husband suggested it and I decided to try it out and see if it made me feel better.

I eased myself into the diet, but was still eating lots of fruits—which my sugar-addicted brain loved. I felt a lot better, but noticed that even though I was full and satisfied with the meat, I still wanted to eat blueberries. That sugar and sweetness still had a hold on me.

So, after five weeks I switched to a strict, full-carnivore diet and after a few days, the sugar craving subsided. After reaching 30 days, I started to feel great, but once I hit 90 days, that is when the magic happened and I really started to feel the health benefits.

I had no more gas or bloating throughout the day and my acne totally cleared up. My depression lifted and I was able to stop taking the medication I had been on for years. I have also lost 45 pounds so far.

Now, I stay away from carbs, sugar, seed oils, and processed snacks. Instead, I eat only meat and animal byproducts like dairy and eggs. Typically, I eat a lot of burger patties, steaks or roasted meat. I believe beef is best, but I do eat chicken wings, tuna, and salmon.

I will eat the rainbow of animals, but I am currently doing a 30-day reset in which I only consume beef, salt, and water, because I noticed my dairy consumption was getting a little out of hand.

I haven't experienced any issues with a lack of fiber. I have never needed any supplements, as the high fat content in my diet aids digestion.

May marked one year of starting this diet and I feel amazing. I'm just grateful. I'm always in a good mood these days. Of course, I still have my moments—I have two little kids at home with me—but overall I feel really happy.

Now, I could have a plate of donuts next to me and have zero desire to eat them, part of which I feel is because I never want to slip back into my old habits again.

I believe that this diet goes against everything we've been told. I disagree with the messaging that fat and meat are bad for us, and would encourage anyone to give this diet a go for a minimum of 30 days and see how they feel.

My advice would be to think of it as an elimination diet and know that you can always go back to eating how you were before, if you want to.

Courtney says her acne has cleared up and her bloating has stopped since she switched to a diet of meat and animal products. Courtney Luna© Courtney Luna

Since starting this diet, I have what I consider food freedom, which many people do not understand. Often, they say I need to eat everything in moderation to have a good relationship with food, but I have since realized that abstaining gives me mental freedom.

When I was trying to eat everything in moderation, the mental gymnastics I would go through every day was just exhausting. I was obsessively thinking about food and where my next sugar fix would come from.

Now, my mind is free from all those obsessive thoughts. I still love my food and get excited that I'm going to have a ribeye, but I'm not constantly thinking about it.

Courtney Luna is a former yacht chef, recipe developer, and content creator.

All views expressed in this article are the author's own.

As told to Newsweek's My Turn associate editor, Monica Greep.


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17 hours ago, Geezy said:

I can relate with so many things in that article.

Me too, particularly yo-yo dieting and keto being the only thing that worked well.... until modern "keto" came along with it's obsession to create a "keto" counterpart for all the foods that you were trying to learn not to eat again. 

When Keto was just meat and vegetables, it worked. When keto became "Oh look I made a keto pecan pie" then it didn't work anymore, lol.

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Yeah, mine was Adkins. It worked well for me for ten years or so but there were so many Adkins snacks and sweets that I got away from eating just meat and whole vegetables. Cravings got stronger and eventually took over. Bad foods crept in. Inflammation took over my body and I quit working out.
Carnivore has changed all that and I have no desire to ever eat any kind of sweet or carby foods. I no longer care to eat for pleasure but only for nutrition.

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