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Is Red Meat Really Bad for Your Body?

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We frequently hear that red meat is not good for your body and you need to eat white meat instead. They say eating red meat will cause heart disease. How true is this statement? Are there any studies that connect eating red meat with heart disease?  Does eating a lot of red meat actually put you at risk of heart disease?

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No, absolutely not. Red meat is the healthiest, most nutrient rich, bio available food you can eat. It is so nutrient rich that it’s the only food you need to live a healthy life.
No, there are absolutely no studies that prove that red meat causes any health deficiencies but there is a ton of evidence to show that eating only meat is the healthiest way of eating.

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@Geezy is absolutely right. Ruminant meat, especially beef, is the most nutrient dense food on the planet for humans.

The "red meat will give you heart disease" myth stems from the myth that saturated fat is bad for you. Saturated fat can elevate LDL cholesterol levels, which is often referred to as "bad cholesterol" which is yet another myth. So, it's a myth built on a myth built on a myth. 

Every year, you see a headline about a new "study" that links red meat to an increase in heart disease. The problem though is there never is a new "study". It's just another group crunching data gathered from an old study from the mid 80's. This old study was based on food frequency questionnaires that people were asked to fill out every 4 years, where they had to remember and guess what they ate over that span of time. See the problem here?

The crunched numbers show that red meat is associated with a higher outcome for heart disease. But this risk factor is minimal, and barely worth mentioning. It also doesn't take into account other factors for heart disease. For example, many of these people were sedentary, ate the junk american diet, were smokers, etc. But magically, it's the red meat that gets the blame, lol. 

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You know Bob, it’s funny that “they” like to tout that red meat causes heart disease but I have heart disease and it’s done nothing but get better since becoming a carnivore and my cardiologist is applauding my results and has taken me off on one of my medications and is talking about reducing the other.
I’ll take my version of health over “theirs”.

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