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Is it ok to have no sugar creamer in my coffee?

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I started carnivore now going on two weeks. I have given up my norm of sugar and went with no sugar creamer for my coffee. I’m not sure if it’s ok to do or not since I only put maybe a tablespoon in my coffee. I don’t handle dairy products really well so this was my alternative. 

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Welcome aboard Christina!


2 hours ago, Pbear4578 said:

I’m not sure if it’s ok to do or not since I only put maybe a tablespoon in my coffee.

Can you give an example of what you eat in a typical day? And how much coffee are you drinking? I know you said a tablespoon but if you drink cup after cup all day long then this is important to know, lol.

If you are only having one cup of coffee and a single tablespoon of zero sugar coffee creamer, you are probably going to be fine.

Much of it depends on your "why" for doing carnivore. If it's to lose weight, I probably wouldn't worry about it. If it's to reverse or heal a condition, then you might want to, because in this case the point of carnivore is to be a clean, pure elimination diet, and then later you add back in things and see if you are sensitive to it or not.

I still drink some artificially sweetened beverages myself, and I'm fine and still reaping the benefits of a carnivore diet.

Read your labels and make sure you're comfortable with small quantities of whatever those ingredients are.

2 hours ago, Pbear4578 said:

I don’t handle dairy products really well so this was my alternative. 

Many carnivores will use heavy cream, and others will use butter. Both of these are usually lacking in lactose, which is why many people have issues with regular dairy, like milk.

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My typical day is my bacon and eggs in the morning. I have two cups of coffee per day. It’s either water or electrolyte drinks the rest of the day. I may try heavy cream and see how I do. I usually don’t eat again until late evening. By then it’s usually beef patties or steak with butter on top. Why I’m doing the carnivore diet is one to lose weight and two to reverse my recent diagnosis of diabetes. 

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Eating wise you’re doing great. The creamer? Maybe not so great.
I agree with Bob that it’s probably not doing any harm but I’d be curious about the ingredients in it.
Is it a liquid or a powder? Is it an animal based product or some product developed in a lab with a list full of chemicals that you can’t even pronounce?
In my opinion, if it doesn’t come from an animal then it has no business going into the human body. It has no nutritional benefit whatsoever. If it is an animal product such as heavy cream and it doesn’t adversely affect you then it’s fine.

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So my wife uses sugar free french vanilla Coffee Mate. Here's the ingredients....

**Adds a trivial amount of sugar. ***Not a source of lactose.
Ingredient(s) derived from a bioengineered source
It's like 1 carb per serving. You are having 2 servings per day. It's may not harm you any, but it definitely isn't clean. This is basically a blend of corn syrup and seed oils. The rest of the ingredients make up less than 2% of the ingredients.
If you hit a weight loss plateau that lasts for more than a month, this would be the first thing I cut out.
I do think a better choice would be to try some heavy cream and some stevia if you want a little sweetness. If the heavy cream bothers you, then learn to drink it without. Black coffee, with or without a touch of sweetener, is an acquired taste. You may not dig it at first, but if you keep drinking it that way it will become the way you love it. Eventually, adding cream to your coffee suddenly ruins it for you, once you've made your taste buds over.
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Another thought to add, have you thought about or tried bulletproof coffee?
You might find that it’s a better alternative to using your creamer because it’s oil and animal based and gives a nice foamy, creamy texture to your coffee and if sweeteners don’t bother you then you could add a little of that to it also.
Shortly after I started carnivore I lost my taste for coffee and so I switched to one cup of English tea in the morning. Soon after I started drinking tea I decided Ito see if adopting the bulletproof to tea would work. It’s so good that I crave it in the morning.
Technically tea and coffee are not carnivore but making it bulletproof helps bring it back into the spectrum, IMO.
All you do is use 1 teaspoon of butter. One teaspoon of coconut oil or MCT oil. Your hot beverage of choice. Sweetener, if you need it, to taste. Put it all in a blender or a nutrabullet for 30 seconds.
That’s it.
It gets my day started and I believe the butter a coconut oil make me satiated and keep me from getting hungry throughout the morning.

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