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The Oxylate Content of Food (List) [Files Library]


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The Oxylate Content of Food (List)

The oxalate content of food can vary considerably between plants of the same species, due to differences in climate, soil quality, state of ripeness, or even which part of the plant is analyzed. Variations also may be caused by the different methods used for measuring oxalate in food. Published values for some foods can vary from negligible amounts to moderately high. In addition, the soluble oxalate content of a food may influence the amount of oxalate absorbed by the intestine much more than the insoluble part, so foods that have a modest total oxalate content should still be limited because of the relatively high amount of soluble oxalate present.

In the tables below, the foods have been grouped according to their soluble and / or total oxalate content and the relative risk that they pose to those who need to limit dietary oxalate. In using these tables, it is very important to pay attention to the serving sizes listed . These food tables were compiled using the most up to date information available as of Feb 2003. They may be grouped differently to that of other oxalate food lists, because they are based on more recent data.


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Neither have I.

It makes me wonder what self-defense chemicals Paul Saladino is referring to when he says that plants don't pump as much into their fruit because plants actually want you to eat their fruit, whereas they defend their leaves, stems, and roots.

But then again, a lot of what I see Saladino eating fruitwise is things on the "low in oxylates" table on that list.

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