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Which sport are you good at?

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Back in my day, I’m 67 now, I participated in football (American), I was good enough to make first string.
Baseball, pretty much a bench warmer.
Didn’t make the basketball team. Swimming, I was pretty good. Rodeo, I was lousy but it was the most exciting and the chicks loved it.
Later in life I took up shooting sports and I was excellent at rifle both large bore and small bore. Very good at pistol both large bore and small.
Shotgun (trap), mediocre at best.
These days my only sport is playing baseball with the grandkids and it’s the best sport of all.

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I am only 5'8" and used to weigh less than 130 pounds - I wasn't very good at sports like football, basketball and soccer although I could play first base and pitch in baseball and/or softball - though I never played on any team.

I found I could bowl. I have even had a few 300 games when I was in my late teens and early 20's. Mind you, this was back when men were only allowed to use 15/16 lb. all-black bowling balls if they wanted to compete. I considered trying to go pro until I found that several years of League Bowling was required to qualify. Since I didn't feel like having to join a team of people I didn't know and bowl on their schedule. I never pursued that sport as a profession.

I guess the sport I most enjoy doing now is fishing - salt or fresh.

Also, if you consider it a sport, woodworking, especially wood turning on a lathe.


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I played soccer in elementary school and junior high, and then I lost interest in most sports. I'm 48 now and it's rare that I play any sport unless I am entertaining younger kids in the family.

4 hours ago, Qapla said:

I am only 5'8"... I found I could bowl.

I'm 5'8" also. I too did a lot of bowling, was even on leagues, back in my younger years. Never had a 300 game though. Got close a couple times.

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On 12/6/2023 at 11:30 PM, Orweller said:

Soccer (football for the rest of the world) and field hockey. But that's in the past. I lift weights now and I run. 


I am planning to start lifting weights in 2024. It is one thing that I am looking forward to doing next year in order to build my muscles and certainly that is going to help me build more and become fitter. I see lifting weights as a fun activity as I was always excited doing it in the past.

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