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Bear meat - Who knew this would be popular?

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I came across some interesting articles today. This one is called "Everything You Need to Know About Eating Bears" and discusses which bears are more tasty than others and shares 3 ways to prepare a tasty bear dish...


And then there is this article that talks about how the "Bear Vending Machine [is a] Huge Hit in Japan...


Has anyone ever eaten a bear?

@Geezy - are you ready to up your hunting game? 😆

fight bear GIF

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I’ve hunted bear but that takes it to a whole other level.

I took a black bear up in Canada back in 2010. We didn’t get to keep or eat any of the meat because my outfitter was worried about trichinosis. He said that the university of Quebec had done a survey of bears taken in that area and said that they found trichinosis in 20% of the bears. I regretted not eating some after I got home and researched trichinosis and found out that it’s no big deal as long as you cook the meat thoroughly.
I’ve always said that if I go back I’ll definitely be eating some.

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