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I reached for one of these while I was out at Home Depot today, but then when I read the label I put it back.



Even though this image says 9 carbs, the stick I grabbed at the store said 10 carbs. Immediately I thought to myself "10 carbs? How on earth are there 10 carbs in this meat stick? Well, the 5th ingredient is soy flour, and the 6th ingredient is corn syrup. And it comes before the "contains less than 2% of" section. The 2g of sugars is the corn syrup sothe remaining 8g carbs come from the soy four.

The entire stick is 55g. 10g are soy and corn syrup, and 2% (1.1g) makes up the rest of the stuff. That means only 43.9g is actually a combination of beef, pork, and mechanically separated chicken (basically chicken flesh that was blasted off the bone). This means a little over 20% (about 1/5th) of your Slim Jim is not meat at all.

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I’ve become an avid label reader these days and am shocked at how much crap they hide in the processed foods.
Sugar is the worst with it having so many different names and I’ve seen it listed three times in one product but under different names. Most people probably wouldn’t even be aware of that even if they read it themselves.
And then there’s soy. As bad as I consider seeds to be to our metabolic heath, I consider soy to be public enemy number one.

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