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Bacon is a cured meat that in my opinion is quite delicious. Many people are afraid of bacon because it contains nitrates and nitrites, although we've been curing meat with these natural ingredients for thousands of years. As a result, some look for bacon that is cured using celery powder, which ironically contains the same nitrates and oftentimes even more of them.

Others look for bacon that doesn't have added sugar, and granted, some flavors of bacon, like maple bacon, can have more sugar in it that is desired. But most bacons have only a trace amount, "contains less than 2% of.... sugar" only because sugar was used in the brining solution that it soaked in. Others will spot that on the ingredients, then look at the nutrition facts table and see <1g carb per serving, and consider this acceptable.

Still others will only get bacon from their local rancher or forgo bacon altogether and just buy pork belly.

Personally, I look for bacon that has clean ingredients and no sugar added as my first choice, but I don't obsess over this. I'll still get bacon at restaurants and will have no idea what kind they are using. But since it's by and large just sliced meat, I'm very comfortable with this.

Do YOU enjoy bacon? How much do you include in your diet? Are you selective when it comes to buying bacon?

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When I was first starting carnivore I was very adamant about avoiding sugar and for the most part I still am but you are correct in not getting too obsessed about the trace amount in bacon.
I make my own bacon and I’ve made it with and without sugars but I must admit, it’s better with the sweetened brine.
Here lately I’ve been trying out just plain pork belly fried up like bacon with a little salt on it after cooking and it’s pretty darn good.

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