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Have you ever been sacked from your job?

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Do you have the experience of being sacked from a job? I have a lot of friends who already lost their job from being sacked for one reason or another. Recently, 7 of my friends lost their jobs as a result of the companies where they're working adopting the use of AI. 

Have you ever been sacked from your job?


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Once but it was a long time ago. Right out of high school I was working at a convenience store in the 11 pm - 7 am shift in a bad part of town. It was a temporary job while I was waiting to go in the Army.
Not surprisingly, I was robbed one night. When the thief left the store I grabbed my pistol and went after him. I caught up to him as he was walking across an intersection. I had a shot but I couldn’t guarantee that I could connect at the distance I was at and my firearms training (thanks dad) kicked in, “Be aware of what is beyond your target.” There were houses down range so I didn’t take the shot. Once that bullet is out of that barrel there’s no putting it back and you are responsible for wherever it goes. So I let him go. Police caught him three days later. I testified at the trial and because of his long criminal history he got 30 years. In turn, the company I worked for fired me for carrying a firearm. Rules is rules guvnor. I don’t hold it against them.
That’s the only job I’ve ever been fired from.
In my career that I spent 41 year working, I was laid off twice. Once for 18 months and the other, 5 months. In my profession it was common to have lay offs during down turns in business or when contracts ran out.

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I was a pizza delivery driver for 3 different companies back in the late 90's. The 2nd one I was working for was called East of Chicago. There was another driver there who was a total jerk and we did not get along. We spent a lot of time pidgeon chesting each other and talking a lot of smack about each other. When his car stopped functioning and he had to come work inside the store, inside I was delighted and let out a little sinister laugh, lol.

But, within a couple months, he got promoted to a management position, and the first thing he did was fire me for some made up BS. I tried to escalate the matter up to the owner, but the owner chose to trust the "discretion" of the manager. 

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I have been sacked from a job, unfortunately. I worked for a gun manufacturer in the shipping/packing department for a few months and was put on suspension for my tardies, which was absolute bs but I went along with it because I needed the break. Come back and a couple of weeks later, I was terminated for "being a distraction" to everyone. But honestly, I was glad to be rid of that job so I could get back to what I loved doing.

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10 hours ago, charming primrose said:

I was terminated for "being a distraction" to everyone.


10 hours ago, Geezy said:

Gotta be a story in there.

Some of us don't look like we should be playing with guns, lol 😛


But seriously, I understand being let go over some made up crap. I hate when people impugn bad motives or tell lies or manipulate circumstances to get their way.

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