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Oreo Cookies lower LDL Cholesterol better than Statins

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This is an interesting video. Nicholas Norwitz performed an experiment on himself, demonstrating that adding carbs to an otherwise ketogenic diet would lower LDL better than Statin therapy. He changed nothing about his normal daily diet, except for adding a bunch of cookies to his daily regimen.


Paper link: https://www.mdpi.com/2218-1989/14/1/73



Aim: To tested the prediction -- consistent with the Lipid Energy Model (below) -- that adding carbohydrates (in the form of Oreo cookies) to an LMHR on a ketogenic diet would reduce LDL-C levels by a similar, or greater, magnitude than high-intensity statin therapy.

Findings: Oreo supplementation (12 cookies/d) lowered LDL-C by 71% (273 mg/dl) in just 16 days. Rosuvastatin (20 mg/d) lowered LDL-C by 32.5% (137 mg/dl). Thus, Oreos were ~2X as potent as high-intensity statin therapy for LDL cholesterol lowering in this LMHR subject.

The Why: The LMHR phenotype has much to teach us about human metabolism, and cardiovascular disease pathophysiology. It's a new frontier that deserves further study, for the sake of the patients with this phenotype and for pure scientific curiosity! This experiment will serve as 'productive provocation,' a form of 'legit-bait' that will hopefully help prompt discussions and larger-scale experiments that need to happen.

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My wife takes a statin. She recently had her labs done and the doc wants to up her dose because he's not happy with it. Fortunately he hasn't brought it up with me in a long time, and mine is sky high at the moment from all my weight loss.

If I recall, hers was still within range according to the lab. It may have gone up a bit because I constantly make steak and use butter in everything now, lol.

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I guess there’s now way you can convince her differently?
I remember in my diet ignorant days when my doctor put me on statins my wife wanted me to stop taking them because of the side affects. At that time I erroneously thought the benefits outweighed the side effects. Shortly after becoming carnivore I was listening to a podcast from a cardiologist over in the UK explaining how worthless and detrimental they were. That convinced me to drop them. After much research I’ve learned that I made the right decision.
I think this is the link.

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On 1/27/2024 at 11:17 AM, Geezy said:

I guess there’s no way you can convince her differently?

I'm pecking away at it slowly. She absolutely loves this Doctor. And don't get me wrong, he's a great Doctor and has served us both very well. 

It didn't help when I went carnivore and my trigs shot up to astronomical levels. Then she was critical of how I keep listening to these "YouTube doctors". And then when our doctor flipped on me, she was in the room because we schedule our checkups together (which might have to change, lol). 

I had to literally walk her through the research why most carnivores don't have the issues I do and that it was not the diet but rather the kidney disease. I've had her sit in on some Zoom calls with Doctor Ken Berry so she could see that he's actually knowledgeable and knows what he's talking about. 

But she's sugar addicted and would rather take meds so she can eat what she wants. You can lead a horse to water but you can make them drink.

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