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Some people use steroids to help build muscles. Is this a good idea? Why or why not?

Absolutely not! That is only a shortcut used by vain people that endangers their health.
I used to be a bit of a gym rat and had several bodybuilder friends. Great guys for the most part but all of them were vain or insecure and sometimes both.
One of those bodybuilders was a very good friend and i helped introduce him to the cowboy life. He became a good hand but the insecurities and vanity was strong in him. When he competed he was freakin huge and very heavy into the roids. He wasn’t using any kind of back alley stuff either. Is was coming from a doctor.
The last ten years of his life he suffered from intestinal issues that the doctors couldn’t figure out and were thinking it might be Crohn’s or something similar. They eventually found spots or tumors on his liver. No treatments helped and they weren’t able to do a transplant because of his condition.
He was 55 when he died.
There is no proof that it was the steroids that shortened his life but I’d be willing to bet that it was a contributing factor.
Stay away from anything that isn’t natural.
Look into Natural Bodybuilding, it’s the best way. No shortcuts just nutrition and hard work.

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Steroids are illegal for a reason. 

Some are toxic to the liver, others cause erectile disfunction. Some deplete your HDL levels, and others are so dangerous they don't even use them in livestock anymore.

Be ye not deceived. Body building does not equate to good health.

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